Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Excuse me Ma'am, but could you try not to be so creepy?

So, I'm playing this wild west video game called Red Dead Redemption- which I recommend to anyone who likes gaming. Tonight, the kids were all in bed and the house was quiet except for the wind outside and my snoring dogs. I've got my video game guy in a field looking through a scoped sniper rifle for beaver (snicker here) so that I can take the pelts back to a dude to make some glue for an airplane out of them. Not kidding- it's part of a challenge. Anyway, this Mexican Nun starts talking behind my guy asking for a donation. I swear I jumped, and I almost had my guy shoot the Nun. Seriously, this game has cougars (snicker again) that jump out and attack you and kill your horse as well as bears, wolves, and other crazy creatures that try to kill you constantly. What is wrong with this Nun, what is she crazy? What is wrong with me that I felt I had to write an entire blog post about it? I'm not sure, but I think I might need to put the controller down for the evening. Although, I never did get all the beaver pelts I needed....

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