Saturday, March 24, 2007


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I finished this card yesterday and it's already been mailed off to trade. I love the moon image- the face is so serene.

I am now worried, however, that the glued bits might come off. I sent another card for a swap and the small parts just seemed to slide right off. Now I must find a better glue and keep using my sticker maker for the smaller bits.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Recent ATC Collage Work

This is an example of my recent collage work. I'm trying to get better at composing collages that are compositionally good and that have something to say (since I am better with words than with art). Perhaps as I get better I won't need the words and the images can communicate as they are, but for now this is my "style".

Hello and Welcome!

Here I am starting a more formal blog (instead of the one on MySpace) for easier access. Hopefully I will keep up with this better than previous blogs, but I often suffer from doubt that anyone is interested in what I have to say.

If you are reading this and don't know me, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Amy and I currently live in Sanford, North Carolina. I was, however, born and raised in Indiana and will always be, in part, a Hoosier. I am married to a wonderful man, Brian, who hails from the great state of New Jersey. He is a Flight Engineer with the United States Air Force and we met and our daughter was born when we were both stationed in Germany. I got out of the military three years ago to stay home with our daughter and finish my degree. This semester I will earn my BS in Social Science from the University of Maryland. Our daughter, Madeleine, is four now and our son, Vincent, is 9 months.

Well, that's the nutshell. It in no way encompasses all or even much of what I am or what I do, but it will do for now. Stay tuned for more as time goes on.

Oh, yeah....

Some of you might be interested in where I got all of this "Queen of Fools" business. It's based on a poem I wrote many years ago. If I get froggy one day maybe I'll post it on here, but for now that answer will have to be sufficient.

Queen of Fools