Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sudden Burst of Creativity

So now that it's after the holidays and I've finished up some other obligations I had, I've found myself with a little more free time lately.  This is perfect because I can get some projects done that I had either started or wanted to do around the house.  Some examples:

This is a banner I made for over my daughter's bed.  I had made one very similar for a friend's baby shower and my kids liked it so much they wanted their own.  I'm still working on the other two, with colors and themes that match their bedding.

This is a little garland I put up on the kids bedroom door.  I have more for around the house with different sayings for Valentine's day.  I got it from this website that has other fun (free!) holiday printables.

I had started crocheting this bag (from this tutorial) a few months ago, but it got put aside so I could finish other projects.  I love the colors and I even made it a little bigger than the instructions.  I plan on using it this summer when we go to the pool.

Finally, this is an empty frame that I use to display my printed Instagram pictures.  I got the pictures printed from Printstagram, but there are websites and instructions all over the internet where you can have them printed out or learn to print them yourself.  I like these because they have a matte finish and are very rigid, although the colors turned out a little darker than on the screen.  I just taped some jute across the back of the frame and used tiny clothespins to attach the photos.  The frame itself I crackle painted using white glue and acrylic paint.  My favorite part about this is that I can change out the photos whenever I want.

So, there they are- some my recent projects around the house for winter.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to crochet some baby hats....