Monday, December 2, 2013

My Predictions for The Walking Dead

This blog really is about anything!  (Also, spoilers if you haven't seen it.)

So, I watched the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead last night and, while I have a lot to say about what happened (and some nagging questions about things that happened prior to this episode,) I want to focus on my predictions for what will happen to the characters when the show comes back in February.

1.  The Bus Group.  Those that were fortunate enough to board the bus before it left will be whisked away to an alternate, pre-determined location and will wait for an agreed upon length of time before moving on.  Things will still be perilous for them, as many of them were still sick and the only experienced fighter I saw get on that bus was a super-weak and sweaty Glenn.  I think they might have had emergency provisions on the bus, but I would imagine not many weapons.  The main tension with this group will be about whether they wait for the others, and for how long.

2.  Maggie/Bob/Sasha.  These three will make their way toward the rendezvous point (either with or without other various characters that scattered in the aftermath) slowly and barely armed.  Bob was shot, Sasha was only recently very ill, and Maggie just watched her father die and Glenn drive away on the bus.  If they take a car or manage to meet up with Daryl, Tyreese or anyone else along the way they might be okay.  It's also possible that they (or any group) might pick up PTSD Tara or extra-pissed off Lilly on their way out of dodge, although I don't imagine either of those two are good for a fight right now.

3.  Tyreese/Lizzie/Mika.  Those bad-ass, creepy little girls saved Tyreese' life when they shot Alisha, and then ran away with Tyreese following.  This potential character combination holds the most interest to me in light of the fact that Carol was to be a sort of replacement parent for the girls, but because she (ostensibly) offed Tyreese' would-be girlfriend, Carol was banished.  It's satisfying to think that he's now responsible for Lizzie and Mika, and I'd like to say that they might bring some of his humanity back, but I'm not totally sure The Shining Twins have much humanity left themselves.  What would be even better is if Tara joined this group- a  non-relative, non-love interest for Tyreese to deal with and two surrogates for her lost niece who happened to have blown away her girlfriend.  I would enjoy a whole episode of just this.

4.  Daryl/Beth.  These two were seen leaving the prison together, but my money is on Beth having picked up Judith on the way out because a.) Beth always has Judith and b.) they left the baby carrier behind because it wouldn't fit on Daryl's motorcycle.  This would make an interesting stand-alone episode, too- Daryl nodding and shooting things, Beth singing and remaining eerily hopeful despite her father's death, and little, blood-soaked, Judith doing cute baby things along the way.

5.  Rick/Carl.  Clearly they won't get far with Rick having been shot and then beaten and then nearly strangled to death.  They'll lie low somewhere while Rick suffers the effects of infection while Carl keeps them fed and safe until they can move on.  The chief question here is whether they'll make it to the meeting spot in time or whether Rick will have to play catch up to the group once again.

Well, what do you think?  Am I way off?

Other, good questions include- Did Carol really kill what's-her-face and that-other-guy, or was she covering for someone?  Did you have a mini-heart attack like I did when that walker almost bit Daryl?  Who is the psychopath fixated on small rodents?  How loud did you cheer when Daryl shot Mitch IN THE HEART with his crossbow?  Who took out that other camp last week?  How bad-ass was Michonne's rolling away to safety in that fire fight?