Thursday, April 5, 2007

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Here is what it would look like if my work was in a museum. It's sort of inspirational.

These are my kids-their pictures belong in a museum.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Mail Day

I got so much stuff in the mail today, it was great. I received my Zetti cards from a swap on Craftster as well as a card from a personal swap. I also got a package of things I ordered from Teesha Moore's website, including some stamps and an issue of Play, her journal Zine. I'm so inspired now, but I'm having a hard time organizing my "crafty stuff" to my liking (and Brian's- he hates when it's all over the place).

What I need is a dedicated space to work, but with two adults, two kids, and two cats there is no room for it. I hate dragging it out of the cupboard every time I want to work on something and trying to cram it all back in there so we can eat dinner. Besides, putting it away keeps me from expressing sudden bursts of creativity.

I'm still working on it.