Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You know, Victoria, it's not really a secret.

I get both the Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood catalogs in the mail. I think most adults know what is contained within the pages of these catalogs- Victoria's secret is not a well kept one. So why, I wonder, do they feel they need to airbrush all the nipples off their models? It's absurd. It's down right creepy when they do it to women wearing see-through outfits- leaving the nipple free breasts exposed. We have enough uptight nudity issues in this country, but now we're pretending that women don't have nipples? Perhaps this is why public breastfeeding is such a touchy subject- we'd have to acknowledge where that milk actually comes from.

Here's a clue: if you have issues with nudity, partial or otherwise, don't get the catalogs. If you are worried about your young children seeing them, don't get the catalogs. If you're concerned your mail carrier will turn into a perv delivering the catalogs, DON'T GET THE CATALOGS!