Monday, April 30, 2007

Scrabble Charm

This week, in addition to working on my house and other ATCS for swaps, I've also been making altered Scrabble tile charms. After a few practice tries, it turned out to be a pretty simple undertaking.


I sanded the front, back, and sides of the tile and then painted the whole thing a pretty metallic green color. For the front, I collaged the boy and his hat on a piece of scrapbook paper cut slightly smaller than the tile itself and glued the whole thing to the side with the letter on it.

I outlined the boy and the paper with a gold metallic gel pen and added small punched out stars on the back so it wasn't plain. After drilling a small hole, I coated all sides with a good couple coats of varnish, letting it dry between coats (the longest part of the whole process).

After it was totally dry, I made a bead dangle and attached it with a jump ring. I also included a lobster claw clasp so it can easily be attached or removed without opening the jump ring. I wrote my name with a ultra fine pen on the bottom edge of the tile where it wouldn't really be seen.

That's it! My initial mistakes included covering both sides of the paper (which was then ruined every time I drilled a hole) and attempting to work with the tile when the varnish wasn't totally dry. Other than that, they were fun to make and I can't wait to see what goodies I get when these get swapped out.


Craft Critique said...

Congratulations! This post was so terrific we included it in our latest Blog Carnival on Craft Critique!

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Thanks for creating something so wonderful and sharing it on your blog! :)

-Sarah Moore

Dragonlady said...

I love your altered scrabble piece, you did a lovely job on it...something else for me to

doverdi said...

I followed the link from Crafts Critique and so glad I did. This is just awesome. I love it. I have a whole bag of scrabble pieces just waiting for me to something with them. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity.

Pattyjo said...

I love the charm and you have inspired me to try one! Thank you for the instructions and for having your great blog!

scraploverdiana said...

I love the way you took a simple scrabble tile and made it something awesome. Thank you for sharing all the details. Great job.